Fikes Brace & Limb

We have been providing certified, quality prosthetic and orthotic care in the State of Arizona since 1996. We maintain our commitment to provide our patients with the best possible care by utilizing the most advanced technologies available. We believe that every patient is entitled to receive the benefit of professional, quality prosthetic and orthotic services. It is simply a matter of human dignity.

Our qualified staff of Prosthetists and Orthotists work together with our skilled team of technicians and support personnel to fabricate and fit superior custom devices that are designed to meet the specific need of each patient. We take pride in our level of personalized service and we approach the need of each patient through genuine, heartfelt care. Our core motivation is to provide “Hope for the hopeful”.



  • After being an above-knee amputee for over 25 years, I can safely say that my dancing days were never over. This is due, in no small part, to people like those at Fikes Brace & Limb. Their care with customer satisfaction is unequaled. The fact that they are dedicated to their craft makes those of us who need them, that much more grateful. And I can tell you that being the best at what they do is a life-altering experience for me! -- Amy Randall
  • I am 14 years old and I was born without my foot. I play in many sports such as volleyball, basketball, and softball. I used to go to a different doctor who provided me with an artificial foot and it would always break. Then I was referred to Fikes Brace & Limb. When I met Ray Fikes, he provided me with a better foot that lasted a lot longer and I was really happy with the care that I was given. Ray is really nice and always willing to work with me to make me feel confident with my prosthesis. Ray has a very encouraging attitude about life and he has the ability to make you believe that you can accomplish anything. -- Chantel Godfrey
  • I am 11 year old Davylyn Dennison from Vernon, Arizona. Vernon is situated very near Show Low, Arizona where the Rodeo-Chediski fire burned way too close for comfort.
  • Duane Wagner, a retired United States Marine, lost both of his legs in Vietnam to a hand grenade, but he still manages to cycle 15,000 miles a year. With no "special equipment" Duane is the only known double leg amputee in the world competing against able-bodied cyclists. Along with cycling, Duane sails, scuba dives, skydives and offers his time as a counselor for Fikes Brace and Limb. "I don't consider myself disabled," Wagner says. "It's just an inconvenience. Every race I've entered, I've won."
  • I have been a bi-lateral amputee since 1983 and I have been seeing Ray Fikes for my patient care for the last five years. About four years ago, I broke my left prosthesis. I was under an HMO with Medicare as my primary coverage. When I inquired about repairing my prosthesis, they referred me to Fikes Brace & Limb. I went down and asked if they could repair my prosthesis and they did. They had me walking again within 24 hours. Fikes Brace & Limb made a new set of prosthesis for me that same year. Since I have been with Fikes Brace & Limb, I have been very happy with the level of care and personal attention that I have been given. I have recommended them to people in my own life. They are very conscientious people; they serve the public well and they do whatever it takes to make their patients happy. I enjoy playing the game of golf and the mobility that Fikes Brace & Limb has given me has kept me active, doing what I love to do. -- George Hornick
  • George Trager is 5 years old and is from Ukraine. He was born with several limb deformities due to genetic mutation. George has only been seeing Ray Fikes for three months, but in this short time Ray has designed and fabricated a brace that has enabled him to hold a pencil using only one hand. Before, George had to use two hands to pick up any object. George says that he can’t wait for Ray to make his new leg prosthesis. George said "I love Ray Fikes. He wears button shirts and slicked back hair and I really like his buckle on his belt. Everyone is so friendly. They really make me feel welcome and special. I get a piece candy at every visit!"
  • After working for the police department for many years, I sustained a gun shot wound in my left leg. I was 36 years old and found myself facing amputation after many limb salvage procedures had failed. I was referred to Ray Fikes from Sue Conrad, a physical therapist; I had worked with her husband on the force in the gang unit. I was also given a large O&P company’s name to look into as well. When I met Ray, it was like meeting a new friend. He wanted to build a long-term relationship rather than just one on a clinical basis. I have been very pleased with the prosthetic care that I have received from Fikes Brace & Limb. The office staff is very helpful and has always been able to squeeze me in when I have needed to see someone about my prosthesis. -- Jeff Dauer