Raymond Fikes, CPO

Our practitioners are wholly certified or deemed eligible, by ABC (American Board for Orthotist/Prosthetist Certification), to provide our patients with comprehensive clinical care and technical services. This certification requires each practitioner to complete specific educational requirements and to meet stringent standards of experience and skill. ABC certified practitioners have acquired the experience, knowledge and skill to provide competent healthcare services through evaluation, design, fabrication and proper fitting of orthotic and prosthetic devices. The ABC certification process involves proficiency testing in the following areas of competency:

  • Core Knowledge of the Field
  • Practice & Compliance Management
  • Patient Management
  • Clinical Decision Making Skills
  • Professional Roles & Responsibilities
  • Technical Design and Fabrication
  • Moral Code of Ethics

In order to obtain these ABC certifications of competency, our practitioners must prove their abilities by successfully completing a lengthy and determined process of education and experience. Their dedication to acquiring exceptional skills as orthotic and prosthetic practitioners must pass the ABC examination of skill and competency through both testing and demonstration. Our ABC certified practitioners must also maintain an ABC prescribed amount of continuing education credits in order to validate their ongoing certifications. ABC credentialed individuals must seek education to meet two continual demands: 1) to maintain performance at the basic level of professional competence; and, 2) to advance training and specialized skills beyond the basic level. This commitment to further education and experience assures our patients of the highest level of competency in the care that we provide.