About Us

Our goal is to provide the very best Orthotic and Prosthetic care to the individuals that we come into contact with through our daily practice.

We have expanded this mission by founding and supporting the Southwest Amputee Foundation. This effort allows us to help our patients in their personal lives and further allows us to reach the needs of individuals that do not come into contact with our daily practice at Fikes Brace & Limb.

We believe that when individuals come to us for treatment of their respective problems, we must first identify the patient's problems and then communicate those problems in a concise manner. Once the patient understands and agrees, the problems must be remedied through a suitable plan of treatment as prescribed by their physician. We as practitioners must work in conjunction with the patient’s physician to keep all parties informed and in agreement regarding the diagnosis, course of treatment and the progress of the same. Through this concerted effort and follow up treatment, our goal of improving the patient’s mobility and enriching their lives can be reached.

To remedy our patients presenting problem is our only task. Profit is not one of the considerations that will remedy the medical problems of a patient. We try very hard to always remember this fact.

It is our mission to take the philosophy just presented, which is responsible for the growth of Fikes Brace & Limb, into the future while continuing to resist any growth that would threaten to impair the ability to maintain quality patient care as our primary focus. Though we must be a business to exist, we are first and foremost a Medical Practice whereby sincere and effective patient care must not be compromised.